Hareclive E-ACT Academy’s ethos reflects its commitment to providing an outstanding education for all of its pupils by ensuring that they are the centre of all that we do.

Our academy mission statement ‘A Place To Grow’ provides the foundation for everything that we do ensuring that all children grow to their full potential.

Our mission statement is the product of a collaborative effort between pupils, parents and staff.

Ethos and Values

At Hareclive our ethos and values are portrayed through our Super Skills Team. We have six characters that depict life long learning skills that we feel will prepare the children to be successful members of the community.

Skyler – shooting for the starts

Skyler encourages the children to always strive to do their best and always know where they can improve.

Kyro – keen and confident

Kyro tells the children to acknowledge what they are good at and why. He helps them understand what makes them unique and special.

Instinct – independence and responsibility

Instinct shows the pupils the importance of following the rules, acknowledging why we have them and being responsible for their actions.

Learn-Bot – learning with others

Learn-Bot talks about the importance of working together and appreciating the strengths of different individuals.

Link – listening and speaking

Link is all about the importance of being able to listen and communicate clearly in a range of contexts.

Synapse – start Thinking

Synapse focuses on thinking skills such as analysing, fore thought, consequences and problem solving.

Each character has three levels of skills for the children to show. Each time the children have shown all of the skills they become a member of that character’s team and get to wear a badge on their uniform.

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