Hareclive E-ACT Academy’s ethos reflects its commitment to providing an outstanding education for all of its pupils by ensuring that they are the centre of all that we do.

Our academy mission statement ‘A Place To Grow’ provides the foundation for everything that we do ensuring that all children grow to their full potential. This mission statement is the product of a collaborative effort between pupils, parents and staff.

We commit to and celebrate the E-ACT values of showing team spirit, thinking big and doing the right thing.


Think Big

For themselves and for the world around them by thinking beyond the four walls of their academy, and having the belief that anything they aspire to achieve is possible through hard work.



In all that they do by carefully thinking through their decisions, even when it means doing something that’s hard or takes a lot of time.



By supporting one another, and knowing that by working together great things can be achieved.


We are committed to providing a strong and positive education for all of our pupils by putting them at the core of all we do. Working collaboratively with pupils, parents and staff, our mission is to allow all children to reach their full potential.

Our values show that we place an emphasis on individual achievement whilst building an awareness and understanding of others. The school is a caring community that values personal, social and emotional development as well as academic and creative achievement.

We believe that a rich and engaging curriculum is every child’s entitlement so that they enjoy their learning.

Discrimination is not accepted at Hareclive E-ACT Academy. Staff are trained to recognise any such attitudes, and we work collaboratively and transparently so that pupils’ welfare is at the centre of everything that we do.


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