We are incredibly lucky to work with Bristol Plays Music to support our music provision here at Hareclive. This project provides music teaching by specialist instrumental instructors to each year group.

Our music curriculum focuses on developing all aspects of musicianship: pulse/beat, rhythm, pitch through composition, listening and performance. Our pupils are given the opportunity to explore a range of different musical instruments – both percussive and melodic – and use them to produce and imitate music from different cultures and periods of time. They are also introduced to the basics of music notation both graphically and using score notation as they progress through the school.

We expose our pupils to a wide range of musical styles and genres listening to traditional to classical music through to modern day popular music as they begin to explore the progression throughout time and draw comparisons between the different music they listen to. Pupils are encouraged to express an opinion on their personal likes and dislikes and identify whether or not they like a piece of music using the correct terminology to discuss their thoughts.

“I really enjoy my music lessons. I especially like listening to some bands like the Beatles and talking about whether we like that music or not. I have also learned guitar and piano at school – it’s been really fun!”  Year 6 pupil.

“We had ukulele lessons in Year 4. We also have had fun making music on the iPads. I love music lessons – they’re fun!”  Year 6 pupil.



We are lucky at Hareclive to have our own Arts Studio on site. The space is used to showcase our musical provision with children performing both for their peers and for their adults. In Key Stage One, our children perform a nativity to the school and their carers.  At the end of their musical journey at Hareclive, Year 6 have the opportunity to produce and perform their own Leavers Production.

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