At Hareclive we encourage all children to be physically active and confident in a way which supports and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Regular PE lessons and sporting activities provide children with opportunities to improve their health and fitness, whilst having fun, learning new skills and developing existing ones.

We provide a broad and balanced physical education programme with activities designed to be enjoyable, vigorous, purposeful and regular. PE at Hareclive is taught by our PE teachers – Mr Williams & Mr Smallwood.

EYFS and KS1 work on fundamental skills. KS2 learn an indoor and outdoor sport each term, developing skills and vocabulary. Through our PE lessons the hope is that the children will compete in sport outside of the school environment.  Over the academic year, Hareclive compete in many extra-curricular competitions as part of the Ashton Park School Sport Partnership, including tag rugby, basketball, football, dance and athletics.

All primary schools must provide swimming and water safety lessons. Children at Hareclive in KS2 attend swimming lessons in a block of 10 sessions some point in the academic year. Each pupil is required to be able to do the following by the end of year 6: Perform safe self-rescue in different water based situations. Swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres.

sports clubs

Extra-curricular clubs are growing at Hareclive and throughout the year we offer a wide range of sports including: tag-rugby, netball, basketball, football, dance, gymnastics, cricket and athletics. Many of our selections for our events are based on attendance at clubs.



We are fortunate to have our own full-size climbing wall onsite and have developed links with Bristol University Climbing Club to provide an after school climbing club for our children, taught by fully-trained student volunteers. Through the club, the children develop not only their climbing skills but also their teamwork and communication skills. Our students’ comments on the club reflect the pride they have in their achievements, as well as positive the relationships that they have built.

J “It’s exciting and it took away my fear of heights.”
A “It’s fun and challenging in a nice way, I’ve got so much better. I like that there are three instructors because we can have a go on the different walls. One of them is basically impossible!”
J “I love it, it makes my day feel better. And people are really nice here, the kids and the adults.”
P “Every adult here supports you, they make you feel safe, they’re just great adults to be honest and they show us how to work together.”

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