In Year 1 we provide a more experience-based curriculum up to December, in order for the children to fully transition from the EYFS framework.

We teach the children writing, English spelling, punctuation and grammar (ESPG), mathematics, phonics, science, history, geography, computing, Personal health social and emotional education (PHSE), physical education (PE) and religious education in our curriculum.

At the end of Year 1, there is a national phonics screening check to assess the child’s decoding and blending skills.

Here are the termly topic focuses for the children in Gruffalo and Zog classes.

Term 1: Once upon a time

Term 2: Celebrations

Term 3: The things that people do

Term 4: Our local area

Term 5: Pirates

Term 6: Holidays

Please take a look at our long term plan here to see an overview of what we will be teaching this year.


Year 1 Newsletter Term 1

Year 1 Newsletter Term 2

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