At Hareclive E-ACT Academy it is the responsibility of all of our staff to support all of pupils at the academy.

Children’s class teachers lead pastoral check-ins with the whole class, twice each day. LSAs lead support interventions every afternoon to support the children with the learning they have been exposed to during the day or to pre teach for the following day.

We take the pastoral care of the children very seriously and offer Lego therapy, art therapy and play therapy. We have regular interventions from the educational psychologist, and our learning mentors support identified children with daily personalised sessions.

We employ our own speech and language therapist to support the children’s speech and undertake a rigorous screening check on entry to Reception to quickly and effectively support children with weight, hearing or speech difficulties.


Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs

E-ACT is committed to ensuring that all students with medical conditions can access and enjoy the same opportunities as any other student and to ensuring that they are able to play a full and active role in school life, remain healthy and achieve their academic potential.

E-ACT will ensure that its academies implement and maintain an effective management system for the administration of medicines to all students in our care in order to ensure that appropriate support is provided to individual students with medical needs.

Please contact our Individual Health Care Plan Lead, Ben Dedman if you have any questions regarding your child’s medical needs.



We use a range of local health professionals to train and assist school staff in dealing with medical conditions and administering medicine.

Please contact the office if you have a specific question regarding this or any element of the Policy.


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