If you are a parent or carer at Hareclive you will already know that we have moved to a new way of managing behaviour at the academy called restorative justice.

You can find our new guidance here

Restorative Justice is a process that resolves conflict. As an academy we promote telling the truth, taking responsibility, acknowledging harm and teaching appropriate responses to conflict. In doing all of these things we create accountability. In a classroom RJ looks like a discussion between an adult and a child or group of children about a child’s behaviour and the impact this has had, then how to fix it.

We have also moved assemblies to accommodate daily check ins in our classrooms to allow children to express how they are feeling and for staff and other children to respond accordingly. One of our check in boards is pictured as part of this post, it is a feelings tree where children can move their name to match their mood.

One piece of exciting news is that since we started implementing restorative justice as a more inclusive practice for managing behaviour, our exclusions have decreased. We are now excluding children far less for disruptive behaviour as they are being taught how to better manage their feelings in school and we are supporting them better in doing this. Hooray! Well done Hareclive!

We will keep you updated on our progress on our school Facebook page and in newsletters.





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