Sadly one in ten children have been clinically diagnosed with a mental health disorder in the UK – that is around 3 children in every class.

This brings into focus our collective responsibility to help pupils maintain and manage their mental health. We all know that good mental health is absolutely vital if our pupils are to learn and thrive.

E-ACT launched its Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) programme in September 2017, embarking upon a mission to train every member of E-ACT staff to understand and recognise the early warning signs of mental health problems.

Most schools in England train one or two members of staff in MHFA, but it is so important that our pupils can turn to any member of staff when they need support. That’s why we are working to train every single adult in our academy, from classroom teachers to our academy office staff.

The programme has also involved working closely with pupils to devise a bespoke mental health curriculum tailored to our academy’s particular needs.

We’re proud that the majority of our staff are now trained Mental Health First Aiders, with more staff being trained every term.


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