ParentPay – our new online payment service

We are pleased to announce that are now accepting payments online for items such as dinner money, school trips and uniform. Using a secure website called ParentPay you are able to pay online using your credit/debit card or continue to make cash payments at PayPoint stores.

This means that the office no longer accept cash payments for school lunches.

For menus, please sign into ParentPay and look at each week’s options.


What are the benefits to parents & pupils?

  • ParentPay is easy-to-use and offers you the freedom to make online payments whenever and wherever you like, 24/7 
  • The technology used is of the highest internet security available ensuring that your money will reach school safely – offering you peace of mind 
  • Payments can be made by credit/debit card or also through PayPoint
  • Full payment histories, balance alerts and statements are available to you securely online at anytime
  • Students do not need to carry cash into school


What are the benefits to our school?

  • You can help us reduce workloads for all staff as no more counting cash, chasing debt and stop cash collection services
  • Creates more time to lend to educational support and the smooth running of the school
  • Improves school security
  • Using ParentPay also ensures that all financial transactions are safe and secure – helping us to remove costs associated with us having to manage cash securely on the school premises



All parents have a secure online account, and we urge you to activate it as soon as you receive your activation code. If you have lost your account details, or you are a new parent to the school, then please contact with the subject as ParentPay. Once you activate you account you can change your password.

If you have more than one child at our school, you can merge their accounts to create one log-in. Making a payment is straightforward and ParentPay holds a payment history to view at a later date; no card details are stored in the system. As soon as you activate your account you can make online payments.


You can still pay by cash by taking your original activation letter and payment to your local PayPoint Store. Click here to search for a list of the local PayPoint stores close to you.

PayPoint payments are recorded by ParentPay in the same way as online payments and may be seen in your payment history under ‘My accounts’. This means that the school also has an automatic record of any payments that have been made.

Please be aware that it may take a few days for a PayPoint payment to be transferred.


For more information, please visit the ParentPay website.

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