Hello Room 13ers and anyone who has ever come into Room 13, or wants to come in the future!

We are safe and well but missing you and Room 13 so here we have created our own Room 13 page! Below are some ideas for activities that you can do at home to keep creative.


You can find all of our videos here.

paper planes

Room 13 presents…How to make a record-breaking, long-distance paper aeroplane!

See our video here: https://vimeo.com/429029425

Have you noticed how beautiful the blue sky is? Well every now and then you might spot amazing white, fluffy clouds. Sometimes the clouds can look like familiar things. Have you ever seen a dog-shaped cloud? Or a heart shaped cloud?! Did you know that clouds have different names? Cirrus, Cumulus, Altostratus, Cumulonimbus.

When looking up (let’s call it cloud watching) you might spot an aeroplane go by. Well, making paper planes is a Room 13 favourite. So we want to show you how to make a record-breaking, long distance plane. It takes some concentration, but our film shows you all the steps. And you can always pause it at any moment to get it right.

Once you’ve made your paper plane, imagine different places around the world it might fly over. Can you imagine all the different bird’s eye views you would see as you fly?

And if you don’t want to fly alone, you can set up competitions with your friends or family to see whose plane goes the furthest.  Remember, if it doesn’t work the first time, try again. If your plane doesn’t seem to be flying properly, why not see what needs changing? It might just need a small tweak. Work out which way the wind is blowing. If it’s too windy, see what happens!

You can even decorate your plane if you feel like it. Is it a passenger plane? A fighter plane? Why not make up your own designs!

Happy flying!


University of bristol

This week why not check out the creative activity films our friends at the University of Bristol have made just for us? Click here!



Room 13 presents…

How to make rubbings – It’s a kind of magic!

See our film here: https://vimeo.com/423243652

Forget printers or photocopiers. All you need for this activity is a pencil or crayon and a piece of paper. You can then make exact copies of all kinds of shapes, objects, textures and patterns!

TOP TIP: If you don’t have paper, check out your recycling at home–  the inside of envelopes works well for this activity.

Like a lot of art, this activity starts with looking and searching, inside or outside your home, for something that interests you. Look for things that are textured (this means they don’t have a smooth or totally flat surface) or that have an interesting outline and shape. You might choose a leaf, a key, a 10 pence piece or something like a knobbly doormat or the bark of a tree.

When you have found something, place your piece of paper over it and with your pencil start shading. Gradually, you will see the lines of the object or pattern appearing!

It’s a kind of MAGIC! It’s like tracing something, only the something is 3D!

Things to remember:

• If the object is small, you can place it under your paper. If it’s bigger – a tree or your doormat – you will have to take your paper to the object!

• Try to hold your piece of paper in one place. This will make sure the copy is as true as possible.

• When you are shading, find what works best for you and for the object under your piece of paper. It might be the side of the pencil or the tip of the pencil. Try different things with different objects until it works.

• Don’t give up because it doesn’t work the first few times – keep trying!

• If the paper does move, or your copy is not the same as the object, maybe you have created something even better!

Once you have got your technique, you can do rubbings of so many things – just look for interesting textures and shapes that you see and like around you. We’d LOVE to hear and see what you find!

What next? It’s up to you. You can leave your rubbing as it is. Or you can make a card for someone you care about or create a border for a letter you have written. Or you can change it into something else. What do the patterns and lines make you think of?

Remember, Art is Magic!

QUIZ QUESTION: Do you recognise which tree the leaf at the beginning of the film comes from? Clue: squirrels like them.

How did Paul create a 4 leaf clover? They are very rare and very lucky if you find one you know!


taking a line for a walk

Calling all Hareclive adventurers…

The famous artist Paul Klee described drawing as “taking a line for a walk”.

Check out our film that tells you how you can get started on this: https://vimeo.com/419794629

All you need is a piece of paper and something to draw with.

Before you do anything, take a moment to stop and remember a walk, run, scooter or bike ride you have done. It might be an extra special one, or just a regular trip to the shops, park or school.

What did it feel like? Was it fast, slow, uphill, downhill, round corners, stopping and starting…? As you remember it, let your mind roam and let your hand and pencil follow…

Or what about an imagined journey? Close your eyes and go somewhere in your mind  where you would love to go. It can be anywhere in the world, or an invented place that only you know.

Got it? Now [open your eyes] and go on a journey. Move the pencil without lifting it off the paper and take it for a walk. Feel the movement through your pencil, going up, down and around; speeding up and slowing down, until you’ve finished.

What’s next? It’s up to you!

Add colour, patterns or shading to the shapes you have made.  Or can you turn them into anything? What do the shapes suggest? Maybe add features – like eyes, whiskers, legs or ears. Or turn it into any picture you can think of.

If you’re drawing with someone else, you can even swap the lines you make and challenge each other to turn them into things.

See what you come up with.

Remember, the imagination is powerful! In all situations, it can take you anywhere and create wonderful new possibilities.

Shani, Paul, Ingrid

P.S. You can google ‘Paul Klee paintings’ or ‘Paul Klee drawings’ and choose Google Images to see the range of work this artist did.


light and shadow

Room 13 presents…Light and Shadow.


Have you noticed how on sunny days there are patches of light that move around on the walls or window sills?

Why not try making hand shadow puppets of animals or characters. Play around and see what happens. Let your imagination go wild! You could pretend you are David Attenborough in Africa or South America in the Amazon rainforest.

You could even try to tell a story.

Did you know you can use shadows to make weird and wonderful drawings?

Find a sunny spot and try making a shadow on a piece of paper. You could use an object to cast the shadow or your hands. Then draw around it. Get someone to help you if you need an extra pair of hands.

You can also use your hands to make a heart shape.

This could be used to make a message of hope to go in your window, to cheer people as they walk by or look up.

The rainbow is a very old symbol of hope and joy. The heart and rainbow send a strong message.

Top tip for remembering the colours of the rainbow: Roy G Biv

R – Red

O – Orange

Y – Yellow

G – Green

B – Blue

I – Indigo

V – Violet

Our message to you is: stay safe, be strong!


picture consequences

Hi Hareclive artists, makers and dreamers…

We’ve been thinking about a drawing game we play on Room 13 trips called ‘picture consequences’. Some people call it ‘Heads, Bodies and Tails.’

Watch our little film here:


This is a fun game to play to free up the imagination! You can play it on your own, but it can be a lot of fun if you can get other people to join in 🙂

Remember to hide your drawing as you go along. The aim of the game is the lovely big surprise when you finally open up the piece of paper at the end to reveal… the strange new person or creature you have created!

You can draw body parts from people, animals and invented creatures in the game – anything you think of! We’d love to see your best ones.

Meanwhile, check out Shani’s dance moves inspired by Lily. Do you think you can do any fancy footwork yourself?

Did you spot the rainbow in the film?

Have fun and let your imagination go wild!


Room 13 Art Packs News!



Some of you may be aware that lots of children got Room 13 Art-Packs this week.

As soon as school and Room 13 closed, we started thinking: hmmm, how can we get art materials to children?!

We realised that right now, we can only do this for the 250 children on free school meals (although we’d like to do it for everyone!) because there are already safe, regular collections and deliveries of food with the school.

Our old Room 13 friends Amanda and Amy from the science museum We The Curious had the idea to set up a public fund to raise money to pay for the packs. We did it – and it worked!

Thanks to the generosity and care of loads of Bristol people who understand how important art and creativity are for children in this time, we were able to start sending first packs out this last week. These were put together by the brilliant Bristol Scrapstore, and  teachers did everything they could to get them out quickly to everyone.

We have seen some brilliant photographs on the Hareclive Facebook page of the AMAZING artworks created with some of the materials in the packs. Thank you for sharing these. It is wonderful to see your creativity in action!

And Room 13 – and all our materials – will be waiting for all of you when we are able to go back.

Have a lovely weekend!

Shani, Paul and Ingrid

PS Bristol Scrapstore is open for on-line or telephone orders if anyone wants to go to them separately.


fortune tellers

Hello Hareclive artists, thinkers and makers,

Here’s a film on how to make a Room 13 favourite – a paper fortune teller / chatterbox.


Remember you can pause this short and very fast film whenever you need to while you watch. We even had to speed up our talking to keep up with it …hope you understand chipmunk.

If you don’t have any scissors don’t worry, you can just fold and tear.

The messages that you write inside the chatterbox / fortune teller can be funny, positive or cheeky; a mix is good. For example, get someone moving: ‘Do 10 star jumps’. Give them a challenge: ‘Pat your head and rub your tummy’, ‘Say the colours of the rainbow as fast as you can’.

Do let us know how you get on.

And also…

• Spot the other Room 13 favourites in the film – pets, kaleidoscopes…

• Can you work out what the Coronavirus link is this time in our film? Clue: As you go out or look from your window, see what other people are putting in their windows at the moment. 

Look out for our weekly films. We’ll be back…

Take care,

Shani, Paul and Ingrid!


Monday 20 April – a little message


A little message from Room 13…

Hello Room 13ers and anyone who has ever come into Room 13, or wants to come in the future!

We are safe and well but missing you and Room 13. So here we have created our own Room 13 page on the Hareclive website! We will use it to send messages and ideas of things to do at home.

We will also send a message for the Management Team soon too as we need to keep you updated on business matters.

Remember, Room 13 as a community is still here, alive and well, and you are all still part of it.

For now, can anyone guess the birdsong in the film. Clue: The new temporary hospitals being built around the country have been named after it. It is also the surname of the British founder of nursing.

Join us for our next open morning!

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