Monday 4 May – Yoga

Week 3 Monday Yoga is a Minecraft one, helping you to “build” a stronger mind and body… the puns will keep coming👏🏼😁


Tuesday 5 May – Gymnastics

Today we are going to look at some rolls. Before we start anything gymnastics based, you need to make sure you have a big enough space and something soft to work on like a carpet or some towels if you’re outside. Make sure you have an adult with you too.

The way this lesson is going to work is we will show you a type of roll and we will name it for you. Your job is to then identify the remaining rolls we put up and name them (no internet unless you are really struggling) whilst also practising them yourselves.

Here is a forward roll:

Now can you name these?

Roll number 2:

Roll number 3:

Roll number 4:

And a challenge for those that are finding them easy… Roll number 5:


Wednesday 6 May – Joe Wickes Wednesday

3rd week of Joe Wicks’ exercises, we’ve done a couple of short ones, time for a full lesson with the main man… enjoy!

Join us for our next open morning!

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