Monday 11 May – Yoga Monday

Time for week 4 of Yoga and this time we are acting out the story of Harry Potter… You better ‘Harry’ up and don’t ‘Ron’ off, as this one is ‘Sirusly’ good, you don’t ‘Wand’ to miss it!

Tuesday 12 May – Catching Games

Catching Game 1 – Clap catch

This game is great to play in a pair or in a larger group.

– Stand in a circle (if there are a few of you)

– Use a soft and roundish object to throw to each other.

– The aim of this game is if the object is thrown to you, you must clap before you catch it.

– If you:

         A. Drop the object

         B. Don’t clap before you catch


         C. You clap when the object is not thrown to you…

Then you are out for that round and must sit down.

– The winner is the last one in the game

– You can make the game harder for the final few players by adding the ‘fake rule’. If you fake to throw the object to someone (not letting go of it) and they clap, then they are out.


Catching Game 2 – 1 knee, 2 knee

Mr Williams shows us how it’s done! 1 knee, 2 knee 

Wednesday 13 May – Joe Wickes Wednesday

Nice quick blast for this week’s session.

Thursday 14 May – Balancing Games

Time for some sports day classics… get yourself an egg and spoon and see how many different obstacles you can walk around before you drop it. If you master this, see how quickly you can get around all the obstacles and back to the start.

Try boiling the egg first if you aren’t feeling confident!

Join us for our next open morning!

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