Monday 18 May – Yoga Monday

This week we are heading down a yellow brick road to find a wizard. Hope you’ve got the brains to find the link, the bravery to give it a go and the heart finish the task at hand 👏🏼

Tuesday 19 May – Hide the item

A really simple one today. I know a lot of you don’t have loads of hiding spaces in and around your house to fit children…however you will have plenty of spaces to hide small objects.

Take it in turns to count to 60 whilst one person hides the object somewhere in the house, then simply go and find it! You can time each other to see how quickly you can find the item each time. Even hide several objects to turn it into a treasure hunt!!!

Wednesday 20 May – Joe Wickes Wednesday

Another 25 minute PE lesson with our guy Joe!


Thursday 21 May – Target Throw

How extreme can you go with your target throwing? Mr Williams shows us how it’s done:

Join us for our next open morning!

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