Here are some activities for you to try at home to keep fit and active…


Virtual School Games

Our friends at Ashton Park have set us a weekly challenge! They’ve even provided score cards for you guys to record how well you’ve done. Click the link below to find a new challenge set for the week. They are set every Monday morning at 10:00am.

Get stuck into these and show us how you’re getting on!👏🏼

#WesportVirtualGames @WesportAP

Mr Williams and Mr Smallwood👊🏻

2020 Virtual Summer School Games



monday 15 june

YOGA Monday

Week 8 of yoga and it’s time to add some music. You willing to take a dance with this one?


Tuesday Tennis

Book Tennis part 3 with a partner.

The final week of book tennis is a partner or group based activity. Putting the previous 2 weeks of practice to good use, can you rally with your partner or group? How many can you do without dropping it? Try two hands, 1 hand and weaker hand if you are finding it all too easy!


Joe Wickes Wednesday

This week everyone needs to see what lockdown has done to Joe!!!😂



Book Cricket 3: “Kwik” cricket

The final week of book cricket is a game based activity… enjoy!

Fancy Dress Fitness Friday

Can you find your inner super powers to complete all the exercises Joe Wicks has set you?

Also this week is Joe Wicks last week of doing online live PE sessions so try and tune in every morning from 9AM to get an active start to your day.


Monday 8 june

Yoga Monday

Unless you’ve got something Elsa to do, let’s all have Olaf doing some yoga together. Sven you can feel good about yourself as you get Hans on in today’s Frozen lesson.

Book Tennis 2 – In the target

Today we’re going to look at how accurate you can be with an underarm serve, using a target size of your choice.

Joe Wickes

This week is a big week with Joe. Here’s a nice half an hour PE lesson👏🏼


Staying healthy

Keeping healthy means eating healthily too. Why not have a go at this activity all about Fruit and Veg? 


Fitness Friday:

Work for 30 seconds, Rest for 30 seconds. Repeat each exercise twice.

Exercise 1- Star jumps

Exercise 2- Jogging/ running  on the spot

Exercise 3- Squats

Exercise 4- Climb the imaginary rope (High knees & high arms)

Exercise 5- Mountain climbers



Monday 1 june

Here are some activities for you to try at home to keep fit and active this week:

Book Cricket 2 – Bowl to hit a target

This week for book cricket we are looking to test your accuracy when a ball is bowled to you, remember a good connection is better than power in this drill. Get yourself a target of any size you wish and make sure you are a good distance away from it (not too close!).


How about a bit of fitness with the main man…?

Join us for our next open morning!

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