Monday 20 April

Welcome to day 1 of PE with Hareclive!

Mondays can be a struggle so we will be dedicating them to calming and relaxing exercises.

Here’s week 1 of yoga… Pokemon!🔥

Enjoy an easy start to the week 👏🏼



Hi all!

We’ve got Mr Smallwood taking you through our week one, challenge one… throwing and catching, with progression broken down into 3 steps (for those of you finding it easy) enjoy!😁🎾

Each step is a separate YouTube video:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Wednesday 22 April

Hi guys, every Wednesday will be ‘Joe Wicks Wednesday’ where we allow the main man himself take you through either a short exercise routine or a longer one (we will mix it up!) here’s today’s…


Thursday 23 April

Today we are setting our first balancing challenge, as you can see Mr Smallwood is showing us 3 balances…

Number one:










A ‘moving balance’, can you use something thin to balance along? If you’re finding it easy try moving backwards.

Number two:

A ‘One Point balance’ (as only one point of your body is touching the floor). See how long you can stand on one leg for and then compete against yourself with your other leg… which one is your stronger leg?

Number three:

A ‘Two Point balance’ (as now two points are touching the floor). This time can you balance using your same side foot and hand and then opposite hand and foot? How long for each?

For a further challenge… what other 2 body parts can you use to balance on?

Send us pictures of your best ideas! 😁


Friday 24 April – fitness friday!

KS1/KS2- Complete 10 repetitions  of each exercise and repeat the circuit 3 times.  Record your times. Post online with pictures. If you want to challenge yourself further you can increase the repetitions of each exercise to 15 or 20.

KS2- Can you take your own heart rate using the link below. Take your heart rate, record it and once you have completed the exercise challenge take your heart rate again and try work out the difference between your resting and after exercise heart rates.

  1. Take your resting heart rate
  2. Exercise challenge
  3. Take your heart rate again

Exercise 1- Jumping jacks


Exercise 2- running high knees (5 each leg)

Exercise 3- Lunges ( 5 each leg)

Join us for our next open morning!

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